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This website is dedicated to dog lovers everywhere. It is designed to give you the help you need to overcome problem behaviors, keep your dog in the people house instead of the doghouse, and help both you and your pet enjoy a long happy life together.

This site is also designed to help people who are thinking about giving up their pet for a variety of reasons. Hopefully, the information I provide will give you the help you need to keep your pets rather than surrender them to already overpopulated animal shelters or rescue organizations.

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) reports that 6-8 million pets enter shelters each year and only 3-4 million pets get adopted. The remaining 3-4 million pets get euthanized. 30% of the dogs and 5% of the cats in shelters are reclaimed by their owners

The ideas presented on this website are not from books. These are methods that I have used over the years with the many dogs I have owned and raised. The topics on this site are filled with information to help you successfully raise a pet that will ultimately become a welcomed and forever member of your family
Leash Pulling Dog
Your Dog Is Unruly And Noisy
You don't enjoy taking your dog for a walk because he pulls you everywhere. He barks at everything he sees and acts aggressive toward other dogs. You need help NOW!!
Your Dog Is Not Housebroken
You are tired of waking up or coming home to a smelly mess in your house or on your best carpet. Your dog waits until he gets back in the house to go. You need help NOW!!
Your Dog Is Destructive
Your dog is destructive. You don't have any pillows left on your sofa that are in one piece. The edges of your carpets are ruined. Your shoes are all chewed up and you have nothing left to wear. You need help NOW!

Obedience training can help you with a number of problems like leash pulling, coming when called and even socialization.

Adequate exercise can help you with many behavior issues that are the result of boredom and too much energy.

Good "Management" of your dog can help set your dog up for successful training as well as much less frustration for both you AND your dog

Knowing how to properly raise a dog and how to set up a "dog friendly" environment will help reduce many of the problems that cause a dog owner to consider surrendering their dog.

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