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Why Do People Give Up Their Pets?

The lifestyle reasons people cite for giving up their pets are:



Relocating to new city

Moving to an apartment or condo

Behavior and other reasons for surrendering pets are many and varied. I've listed the most common ones here.
We have too many pets

They cost too much to keep

They're old or sick

They're not housebroken

We have unwanted puppies or kittens

They're wild, destructive or unruly

They don't listen or behave

No one takes care of the pets

We have no time for the dog, we're too busy

The dog is too aggressive
Some of the reasons given are personal issues or issues of logistics. I'll give my opinion on them but only you can make the ultimate decision.

Many of the reasons given are issues involving training, behavior modification, exercise, management or a combination of one or more of these. Ace and I have got some real ways to deal with these problems.

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