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Keep Your Pets

This site has also been designed to help people who are thinking about giving up their pet for a variety of reasons. Hopefully, the information I provide will give them the help they need to keep their pet rather than surrender him to already overpopulated animal shelters or rescue organizations.
In many situations, the decision to "get rid of your pet" should be the last resort, not the first one. By that I mean, if the reason you feel it necessary to find a new home for your pet is because of problems he is causing you, then there is a viable alternative, which is to train him to act the way you want him to.
The reasons people surrender their pets are many. Click Here to see the list of common reasons people give for giving up their pets. All of the reasons listed will be addressed in the pages of this website. The links in the left hand column will take you directly to any topic you are interested in learning more about.
I urge anyone reading these words who might be thinking about surrendering their pet to consider this. It really doesnít take a lot of time to get your dog to behave the way you would like, if only you followed a few simple steps. My philosophy has always been, "Itís easier to prevent a problem than to fix it."
Knowing how to properly raise a dog and how to set up a "dog friendly" environment will help reduce many of the problems that cause a dog owner to consider surrendering their dog.
Obedience training can help you with a number of problems like leash pulling, coming when called and even socialization. There are obedience classes held in every city in the U.S. They offer a wonderful way to socialize your dog and learn how to communicate with them and train them. Teaching simple everyday manners can greatly improve living with your dog.
Adequate exercise can help you with many behavior issues that are the result of boredom and too much energy. Take your dog for nice long walks to expend his excess energy and as a bonus, get yourself in shape.
Good management of your dog can help set him up for successful training as well as much less frustration for both of you. Learn how to make your home "dog friendly" so you can avoid potential disasters.
The ideas presented on this website are not from books. These are real-life methods that I have used with the many dogs I have owned and raised. A few ideas came from books IĎve read and seminars or training classes that Iíve taken over the years. I would try the method, tweak it and improved upon it until it worked for me and my situation. Most of the ideas and methods came from experience. Each dog, or pack of dogs was different than the one before, so I would take my previous experience and re-work it as necessary for the current situation.
I have raised puppies, had litters, taken in adult dogs, introduced dogs and cats, have had multiple dogs (4 at a time), had senior dogs, physically challenged dogs, pure breed dogs, mutts, big and little, etc. I can honestly say that I have never encountered a problem that couldnít be solved with a little thought and planning.
The topics on this website are filled with information to help you successfully raise a pet that will ultimately become a welcomed and forever member of your family
FINALLY, if the solution to your problem is not contained within the pages of this website, please donít hesitate to email me with your questions. The "E-mail Me" page has a link to my email address. Just type your question and hit SEND. I promise that I will answer you as soon as possible after receiving your question. To speed up my reply, please give me as much detail about your problem as possible. The more I know, the better I will be able to help you.

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