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Recommended Pet Web Sites

Doggy Day Care, Pet Friendly Hotels and Motels, Pet Sitters
and Dog Parks

Here are some websites that will link you up to all kinds of pet friendly places throughout the United States.
Pet Friendly Hotels and Lodging

Why leave your pet in a kennel the next time you travel. Many hotels and motels allow you to stay in their facilities with your pets. Here is a directory of hotels in all fifty states that welcome pets as well as their people.
Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers

Can't take your pet with you but hate to leave him in a kennel while you travel. Find someone to stay with your pet while you are at work or on vacation? Here is a listing of experienced pet sitters and dog walkers in your area who will provide your pet with the care he or she needs.
Doggy Day Care

Instead of leaving your dog home alone while you are gone, drop your pampered pooch off at one of the growing number of doggy day care facilities springing up across the country. He can have an activity packed day and socialize with his own kind, while you are away or at work. This directory has listings for Doggy Day Care Centers in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.
Dog-Friendly City Guides

Go to this site and click on a City or State to find pet-friendly attractions, outdoor restaurants, stores, parks, beaches, lodging and more. There is so much you can do with your pets, now, as more and more facilities open their door go well behaved dogs.

Dog Training and Dog Information Sites

Dog Training Talk

A community and resource center for dog owners and trainers. You can find everything related to dog training here: dog training articles, training diaries, books, videos and training lessons. Here you can search for dog trainers in your area or talk to professional trainers in the forum.
Dogs On The Web

Dogs on the Web is a site that is just loaded with links to all kinds of dog information. "All knowledge, the totality of all questions and answers, is contained in the dog." - Franz Kafka - Investigations of the dog
Training Your Dog & What You Need to Know

From Arizona Dog Training. Important Things You Need to Know Before Training Your Dog
Cachorros and Puppies - Raising and Training

Cachorros and puppies. We tell you everything about the best way to look after your puppy.
Here you can get high quality dog collar , dog harnesses, dog muzzles and dog leashes
Dog Harness , Dog Collar , Dog Leash , Dog Muzzle Trusted Direct Source -
Dog Obedience Training

Dog obedience training, train your dog obedience and more

Animal Shelters and Rescue Organizations

Alabama Animal Rescue

Alabama Animal Rescue is a 501c3 non profit rescue designed to give abandoned animals a chance to have a life and family to love. Animals on this site are at local veterinarians office, in a foster home or in a shelter.
Columbus Dog Connection

All Breed Dog Rescue, info on anything dog in Ohio
The Humane Society of The United States

The nationís largest and most powerful animal protection organization, working in the United States and abroad to defend the interests of animals.
Jacksonville Humane Society Animal Shelter

Dedicated to the welfare of animals. Our mission is to find loving homes for all animals and to provide education and counseling to foster responsible pet-people relationships resulting in the humane treatment of all animals
Wayne County Humane Society

Check out all the smiling faces of these precious pets that found loving homes through the Wayne County Humane Society Adoption efforts!
The Alaska S.P.C.A.

For 30 years the Alaska S.P.C.A. has remained committed to the unwanted, abused or neglected. We pride ourselves on public education of responsible pet ownership and have provided a low cost Spay/Neuter program for many years. We are a local, independent, charitable animal welfare organization solely supported by the generosity of our contributors.

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